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1- Real Name: Emil
2- Nicknames: none
3- Zodiac Sign: Cancer
4- Male or Female: Male
5- Nursery: Blåhaven
6- Primary School: Damagerskolen
7- Secondary School: Køge Handelsskole
8- Hair Color: Red
9- Long or short: Short hair
10- Loud or quiet: Quiet/in between
11- Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
12- Phone or Camera: Phone
13- Health freak: Nope...
14- Drink or Smoke: Nope... Only drink at parties and only smoke hookah when I can. (Don't own one)
15- Do you have a crush on someone: Not really..
16- Political Orientation: Dunno
17-Piercings: No
18- Tattoos: No, but maybe sometime..?

Have you ever been in.......
19- Airplane: Yes
20- Car accident: no
21- Fist Fight: no

22- Piercing: None
23- Best Friend: My neighbor's kid benjamin, when i was in kindergarten.
24- Instrument: nothing really, but we had music lessons in school...
25- Award: Badminton double
26- Crush: A girl named Nikita in kindergarden.. XD
27- Language: Danish
28- Vacation: Greece when i was a baby...

29- Person you talked to: My mom
30- Person you texted: Also my mom
31- Person you watched: In what way exactly?? The last person i saw was my mom when we ate dinner...
32- Food you ate: Chips
33- Movie you watched: 007: Spectre
34- Song you listened to: Snow Ghost by Yoe Mase
35- Thing you Bought: Food from the cantina 
36- Person you hugged: My mom.

37- Food: Burger
38- Drinks: Non-alcoholic is Mountain Dew, Alcoholic drink is MOKAI
39- Clothing: don't know
40- Book: I don't read books...
41- Color: Blue
42- Flower: none
43- Music: Music with a good BASS!! :D
44- Movies: The Incredibles
45- Anime: I don't watch anime
46- Subjects: English

In the Past year I....
47- [] kissed in the rain
48- [] Celebrated Halloween 
49- [] had your heart broken
50- [?] went over the minutes on your cell phone
51- [x] Somepony questioned your Sexual Orientation
52- [x] Came out of the closet
53- [] Gotten pregnant
54- [] had an abortion
55- [x] Done something you regret
56- [] Broke a promise
57- [x] Kept a secret
58- [x] Pretended to be happy
59- [x] Met somepony who changed your life.
60- [x] Pretended to be sick
61- [x] Left the country
62- [x] tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63- [] cried over the silliest thing
64- [x] Ran a mile
65- [] went to the beach

67- Eating: Nothing
68- Drinking: Water
69- Getting Ready to: Nothing...
70- Listening to: When i wrote this, Lush Life by Zara Larsson 

71- Plans for tomorrow: We get guest

Your Future:
73- Want Kids: Dunno yet...
74- Want to get married: Not necessarily
75- Careers in mind: Airport worker.

Which is Better on a Opposite Gender:

76- Lips or Eyes: Eyes
77- Shorter or Taller: Shorter
78- Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous
79- Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Nice Stomach
81- Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
82- Troublemaker or Hesitant: Dunno

Have you Ever:
83- Lost Glasses/Contacts: No
84- Ran Away From home: Yes, twice, because i didn't want to make homework... (I was just a kid...)
85- Hide a Weapon, for Self Defense: Yes, i hobby-knife
86- Killed Someone: No
87- Broken Someone's Heart: Yes
88- Been Arrested: No

Do you Believe in:
90- Yourself: Not all the time...
91- Miracles: Dunno
92- Love at First Sight: No
93- Heaven: Yeah
94- Santa Clause: No
96- Magic: No

Answer Truthfully:
97- Is there one Person you wanna be with, Right now: My best group of friends
98- Are you seriously happy with where you are in Life: A little, i'm happy about all the new friends i've met.
99- Do Believe in God: No
100- Tag five People: VyletPony, Braeburned, (HOW???)


WaveSponge's Profile Picture
Hi! I live in Denmark, and i do not draw any art. I'm i huge fan of My little Pony, aka a Brony! Love reading comics related to mlp.


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